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Mark Zbroszczyk

Maintenance Technician

In his role as Maintenance Technician, Zbroszczyk is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of LifeHouse Group’s building and grounds. He inspects the facility and equipment for issues and schedules any needed repairs. He supervises the operations and crew of LifeHouse Group’s community lawncare team, who are responsible for providing free services to Dixmoor residents who are unable to care for their own lawns. He also is the caretaker for Lily, one of LifeHouse Group’s emotional support dogs.  Zbroszczyk has a wealth of technical knowledge and skills that are essential to carrying out his duties at LifeHouse Group. His time as a resident and employee of LifeHouse Group has taught him resiliency and helped him to overcome many obstacles. He appreciates his daily life and tries not to take it for granted. He is willing to help anyone who needs assistance and makes a point of checking in with residents if they appear to be struggling. He plans to return to a career building communication towers once he leaves LifeHouse Group. 

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