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Future Residents

If you have a substance use disorder and want to change your behavior to change your life, LifeHouse stands ready to offer you a new way forward. We provide all the support you need to make a successful recovery. All we ask you to bring with you is a determination to try and “the willingness to participate in your own life,” as a former resident put it. We offer you education, addiction counseling, job training, medical care, and much more, to help you lay the foundation for a successful future.  We tailor our services to your specific needs because we recognize that there are many different
avenues to a successful recovery. We strive to create a community where you recognize your intrinsic value and where you feel connected to yourself, your friends, family and fellow residents, and individuals in the larger world.

LifeHouse Group currently accepts men with substance use disorders who are referred by treatment centers, released from the Illinois Department of Corrections, or are Illinois residents living in the general community. Feel free to call us at 708-897-8581 to allow us to answer your questions, provide additional information, and assist you with the application process.

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