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For Employers

LifeHouse believes that access to a sustainable career path is important to the self-esteem and dignity of all of us, including men with past histories of substance use disorders. We are the largest recovery home in Illinois with up to 155 residents living with us at any given time. Our residents come from all sorts of backgrounds and have a broad array of skill sets. We are selective in who we allow into our program because we are serious about providing opportunities to men who are serious about their own recovery.

We work with various organizations and educational institutions to provide our residents with the job skills necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.  Recent and  continuing examples of such partnerships include  OAI’s Workforce Development Program, Richard J Daley College’s Manufacturing Technology Program, and South Suburban Colleges Highway Construction Careers Training Program.

We are looking to work with employers who are leaders in creating career opportunities for historically marginalized individuals. To learn more about us and the financial and practical advantages of recruiting our residents as employees, please contact Ernest Jenkins, Employment Coordinator and Outreach Consultant at 708-312-0580.

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