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Jose Santos

Recovery Coach

In his role as recovery coach, Santos provides information and guidance to LifeHouse Group’s residents as they work towards achieving their self-stated independent recovery goals. He facilitates a peer recovery group once a week that provides residents with opportunities to identify specific short and long-term goals that are important to them. As a member of the LifeHouse Recovery Group team, Santos monitors residents’ behavior, reports on any unusual incidents, and performs safety checks within the building. Santos takes time each week to review his accomplishments and those things he has left unfinished as a way of determining his personal goals for the next week. He finds inspiration for his own recovery journey in the lives of his children and his fellow residents. He lives by the motto that “you only get by giving it away.” Santos has taken advantage of the numerous programs offered by LifeHouse Group, including obtaining certifications in forklift driving and welding, in addition to becoming certified as a peer recovery specialist. Santos has achieved more than 16 months of sobriety at LifeHouse, the longest period he has been clean and sober since he was 15 years old. His next step once he leaves LifeHouse Group is to pursue a full-time career as a welder.

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