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Ernest Jenkins

Employment Coordinator and Outreach Consultant

In his role as Employment Coordinator and Outreach Consultant, Jenkins coordinates with employers, employment agencies and various organizations to promote LifeHouse Group’s operations and the job skills of its residents. He plays a crucial role in developing and fostering relationships with employers to assist LifeHouse Group in providing its residents with employment opportunities that are instrumental to a successful recovery. Similarly, he seeks and creates connections with organizations that provide additional resources to LifeHouse residents, such as clothing and food donations, or external educational opportunities. He also plays an important role in providing timely and accurate internal communications to LifeHouse Group’s residents. 


Because Jenkins has had similar experiences to many others at LifeHouse Group, he understands the internal resolve required to rebuild a life. Jenkins loves his work and takes it very seriously because he understands that having a good job is instrumental to a person’s successful future. He derives great satisfaction in watching LifeHouse Group’s residents, who arrive with little or no resources, begin to work their recovery program, and gradually develop the skills necessary to lead fully independent lives.

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