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David Starks

Head Custodian

In his role as Head Custodian, Starks is responsible for ensuring that LifeHouse Group’s buildings and exterior campus remain attractive, safe, and sanitary. He consults with executive staff and the Facility Maintenance Manager to schedule, plan and prioritize custodial activities to achieve site maintenance goals. LifeHouse Group’s residential clients share responsibilities to keep living areas clean and tidy. Starks inspects and directs residents in the upkeep of these shared living spaces. Starks works to make certain that the “home” aspect of LifeHouse Group Recovery Home has as much importance as providing exceptional recovery services. In addition to his full-time duties as Head Custodian, Starks works as a driver for  Fresh Start Movers, located in Chicago. Fresh Start Movers provides commercial and residential moving services to the greater Chicago area and beyond, and the company consistently receives five-star reviews from its clients. In 2021, Fresh Start Movers and LifeHouse Group formed a limited partnership, in which LifeHouse Group owns a portion of Fresh Start Movers, to provide residents with training, job and career paths. Fresh Start’s website contains additional information on its services.

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