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Alonzo Greene, Jr 

Recovery Coach

In his role as a recovery coach, Greene provides guidance and information to LifeHouse Group residents as they navigate through their recovery journeys. He makes himself available to any resident who has questions or simply needs to talk to a person who has experienced similar struggles. He facilitates two peer support groups each week. One is focused on relapse prevention and the other is focused on setting goals. Greene knows how fragile life can be because he almost lost his to his addiction on more than one occasion. Those experiences have caused him to value his life and those of others much more deeply. His work at LifeHouse Group is most satisfying when he watches another resident move from fear to hope after the realization that recovery is possible. Greene wants to give back to his community and to help those who are struggling with substance use disorders. He is currently working towards obtaining his certification as a peer recovery support specialist through Governor’s State University. He intends to embark on a career as an addiction specialist in a role where he can perform community outreach once he leaves LifeHouse Group. 

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