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Radoslaw Budziosz


In his role as LifeHouse Cook, Radoslaw is responsible for preparing meals for LifeHouse’s residents under the supervision of Chef Maria Anderson. He and his fellow cooks share responsibilities and take turns  preparing, cooking, and serving meals for our LifeHouse’s weekly luncheon and monthly resident breakfast.  He also helps to prepare food for special occasions such as holidays and external events in the Village of Dixmoor. He and his colleagues are also responsible for preparing food for individual residents when they first arrive and are getting acclimated to their new environment.  Radoslaw is a veteran of the Polish army where he served for two years. He is a graduate of Chef Maria’s “No Box Apprenticeship” culinary arts and mindfulness program. He intends to pursue a career in the culinary arts. His favorite cuisines are Italian and Polish, and his favorite sport is tennis. He holds a certificate as a ServSafe Manager and facilitates a weekly interactive discussion group for residents entitled “Kitchen Fun & Education.”  At the time of this writing (in February of 2024), Radoslaw had been sober for two years, one month, one day, fifteen hours, three minutes, and fifty-five seconds.

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