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Nicole Lawrence

Recovery Coach Supervisor

In her role as Recovery Coach Supervisor, Nicole leads by example in creating an atmosphere where the recovery coach team acts as mentors to LifeHouse residents. Because recovery coaches have lived experience with substance use disorders, they have an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by others in recovery and can connect with residents through that understanding. Nicoles provides guidance to the recovery coach team on a variety of matters, from record keeping, to resident safety, to how to counsel an individual resident who may be experiencing a difficult period in his recovery. She also collaborates closely with executive staff to review and refine policies and
procedures related to residential life as part of LifeHouse Group’s continual efforts to create a recovery home that provides every resident with the best opportunity to create a strong foundation in recovery before returning to his community.

Nicole obtained her certification as a Peer Support Recovery Specialist from Governor’s State University. For many years, her dream has been to work in the substance use recovery field. She just celebrated eight amazing years sober and could not be happier. When looking for a place to do her internship as part of her certification program, she fell in love with LifeHouse Group’s mission. She is excited to be a part of something she feels could change the way society views and treats people with substance use disorders. When not working, she spends time with her other loves - her husband, son, and dogs (lots of dogs!) Her goal in life is to make sure people feel seen and heard and to spread kindness like glitter, the kind that sticks to everything and is hard to get rid of!

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