LifeHouse Group’s approach to health care for its residents includes an initial risk and needs assessment, as well as behavioral therapy and individual case management for each resident to ensure he receives appropriate levels of physical and mental health care. While all residents will enjoy the facility in its entirety and be given the opportunity to utilize all LifeHouse Group resources, candidates with criminogenic needs (needs statistically shown to be associated with re-offending including substance abuse, lack of self-control, or anti-social behaviors) will be provided with treatments that focus on behavioral, therapeutic, and support group programs.


Our on-site provider responsible for behavioral and mental treatment includes:


  • Habilitative Systems offers risk and needs assessments for each LifeHouse Group resident. Depending on this evaluation, residents may undergo cognitive and behavioral therapy, drug abuse treatment and counseling, and other mental health services to bridge the psychological transition from incarceration to becoming a contributing community member. Non-violence training is required for each resident through Habilitative Systems, and residents can continue their work with Habilitative Systems after leaving LifeHouse Group.  The Department of Human Services (DHS) is the primary source of funding for these services.