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David Starks – Resident and LifeHouse Group Staff Member:

"What I like most about my current stay at LifeHouse Group is how nice and helpful the staff is. The staff believes in giving a person a fair chance. This was my first time in prison, and I did not know what to expect when I was released, and after four- and one-half years in prison, things on the outside are definitely different. LifeHouse has been actively helping me improve my reading and writing skills, however, as well as teaching me a trade, and I am proud to say that after five months as a resident that I am now also working as a staff member at LifeHouse in the building maintenance and improvement area.  I hope to continue working within these fields and further my career in maintenance and sanitization after my stay here."


Tony Williams – Resident and LifeHouse Group Staff Member:

"My name is Tony Williams. I’ve been a resident of LifeHouse for 6 months now. I came here in the middle of COVID -19 and my goals seemed out of reach; I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere, couldn’t do anything, and all in all, I felt hopeless. LifeHouse gave me a chance to take that down-time and turn it into something positive. I have taken classes to teach me patience, how to start my own business, and how to make better decisions in life. Wow, here I am 6 months later, and after the smoke clears, I’m working, I have a leadership role, a bank account, and a car! I am doing much better! I owe all of this to LifeHouse."


Royal Gort - Resident:

"LifeHouse is actually my second transitional housing program, but that gives me the perspective to say that LifeHouse really stands out amongst transitional living facilities for ex-offenders. The people who work here really care and will go beyond to assist you in your transition from prison to society."


Pavel Chernyshev – Resident and Sous Chef:

"In the one a half months that I have been at LifeHouse Group, I’ve experienced a program that is developing in a positive way each day. The staff is willing to go out of their way to help in any way possible to provide us the necessary tools to get ahead in life - if you want it.

While living here, I am able to learn several different trades and learn to budget so that when I do leave, I will be able to save money and pay bills in a timely fashion. I’ve learned responsibility by going to work each day, which will help in preventing me from making future negative decisions that would impact my life.

I really believe and feel LifeHouse is on their way to changing lives."



About Our Computer Lab


Ed Smith, Resident:


"I enjoy the time I am allowed to spend in the computer lab. There is no time limit; therefore, I am there for many hours. It gives me time to research facts from fiction. I also do my studying in the lab.

The state-of-the-art equipment is the best I’ve ever had the privileged of working with. This lab has a large screen that can also be used for Zoom classes for those that are interested."


Jason Douglas, Resident:


"I like the computer lab as it helps me keep organized. In the computer lab, I feel comfortable writing as the programs catch the mistakes being made when I type. I feel comfortable and at home when I am in the lab as it helps me stay up to pace with the world.

Using the lab, I can check my finances, which allows me to be financially stable. I obviously enjoy it a lot, and I am happy that I am being taught different computer programs that are available to me."


David Starks, Resident:


"I came here with no knowledge of how to use a computer. With the help of Cynthia, I am able go on the computer and practice reading and writing and do spelling drills. The use of the large monitor in the classroom helps when PowerPoints are being presented during my classes. Without this lab I would not be able to work toward my GED as COVID has prevented students from going to classes."

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