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LifeHouse Group’s job training and job placement offerings are currently focused in eight areas:

  • Culinary Arts

  • Computer Information

  • Construction and Trade Skills

  • Hospitality

  • Health Care

  • Manufacturing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Clean Energy Initiatives


We will offer training programs in additional job categories as resident interests and market demands dictate.


On-site providers responsible for job training and job placement currently include:


  • Academic Career Community Empowerment Social Services (ACCESS): ACCESS provides job training and placement in the computer field, with training primarily financed through the WIOA and the VA. In today’s labor market, all job candidates require some basic knowledge of computer systems, so LifeHouse Group’s base curriculum requires all residents to complete a segment of this training.


  • Atmosphere Global: Atmosphere Global believes cleaning, disinfecting and odor control products don’t need to include harsh chemicals. Their proprietary disinfecting solution combines innovation and science to clean, disinfect, and eliminate odors. Atmosphere Global has partnered with LifeHouse Group to train residents to apply cleaning products to treat residential, commercial and industrial properties, market the company’s services, and achieve long term employment stability in the field of sanitization. Atmosphere Global’s proprietary disinfectant has been approved by the EPA to disable the Covid-19 virus.


  • Chicago Community Learning Centers: Chicago Community Learning Centers provide certificated job training and placement counseling in health care fields. Training offerings include EKG technicians, phlebotomy technicians, patient care technicians with computer fundamentals, certified medical assistants, nursing assistants, medical billing, and coding with medical terminology. Funding for these programs is primarily provided by the DoL, the WIOA and the VA.


  • Hill Food Services Consulting: Hill Food Services provides job training programs in event planning and catering, food service and preparation, food sanitation, restaurant management, and food transportation, and Hill provides job placement opportunities for its certificated students. Hill also offers counseling related to nutritional life skills, and LifeHouse Group has adopted basic portions of this training as mandatory so that its residents will be able to prepare healthful meals after leaving our facility.


  • Kates Detective Agency: Kates detective agency provides security training for LifeHouse Group residents interested in pursuing employment in the security industry. Kates also provides training to staff members and shift captains so they can enhance their job skills and improve building safety.

  • Museum of Science and Industry: Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry runs onsite classes to teach 3D printing techniques to residents. Residents start by creating their own figures and progress to assist in printing PPE like face shields for healthcare workers and first responders.


Off-site providers featuring job training and placement assistance include:


  • Cara Chicago: Cara Chicago helps people affected by poverty to get and keep quality jobs, rebuild hope, improve self-esteem and create opportunities for success, and their objectives align well with LifeHouse Group’s target of fostering lasting, long-term success. Cara Chicago provides a number of key services, including job training, interview preparation, temporary and permanent job placement, and ongoing employment support.


  • Communities Empowered Through Construction (CEC): CEC’s mission is to build a bridge between public officials, community needs, and economic growth via the construction industry. They encourage community participation in local developments throughout Chicagoland by recruiting local labor into the construction industry. LifeHouse Group residents can find employment by entering into a journeyman track. Once residents enter the construction field, CEC ensures they receive training while getting hands-on experience so they can receive accreditation within 12 months of employment in the construction field.


  • Kennedy-King College/Dawson Tech: Kennedy-King College/ Dawson Tech provides LifeHouse Group residents with certificated trade skill training in manufacturing and construction. Classes and credits at both locations are transferable to other colleges. LifeHouse Group residents qualify for WIOA funding for these education programs as well as grants for transportation needs.

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