Jesse Fuller

BioMr. Fuller is responsible for purchasing, facility improvements, and property acquisitions for LifeHouse Group. Mr. Fuller has been President of American Group Financial, Inc (AGF) for sixteen years. AGF is an Illinois Licensed Finance Company that specializes in equipment leasing, financing, and asset-based loans. He is also involved in several other companies, including Lifetime Benefits, LLC, (LBI) and LifeHouse Recovery Organization (LRO). LBI is a Life Settlement Company that purchases and sells life insurance policies and coordinates sales in Personal Protective Equipment. LRO is a non-profit 501C3 charity organization, specializing in education and job readiness programs. Mr. Fuller attended Southeastern College and Aurora Business College, and has an Illinois Real Estates License. In addition, he has partnered with three others to donate the funds necessary to build a church in Elgin, IL.

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