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LifeHouse Group currently accepts individuals who are:


  1. Referred by substance use treatment centers in the Chicagoland area;

  2. Are leaving the Illinois Department of Corrections and approaching their time on parole or;

  3. From the general population.

For more information, please call 708-897-8581 during business hours to speak to a customer representative.


For individuals eligible for parole: the process of finding housing placement usually begins around 30-60 days prior to an offender’s release date. In order to secure placement at LifeHouse, a currently incarcerated individual must complete the following these steps. For more information or to request placement, feel free to complete the Application Form or contact us at

30-60 days prior to release:

Step 1

Inform the Field Service Representatives at their respective prison that they wish to be approved to live at LifeHouse.

Step 2

Refuse alternate placement locations. Typically, the first option for the Field Service Representatives would be with friends or family, placements which frequently do not have the same long-term success as LifeHouse.

14-30 days prior to release:

Step 3

Local Field Service Representatives will then refer placement preference to the Parole Re-Entry Group.

Step 4

The Parole Re-Entry Group will contact LifeHouse representatives regarding your placement and schedule a screening call.

3-14 days prior to release:

Step 4

LifeHouse staff will conduct a screening call with prospective residents, and approve or decline admission.

Step 5

If approved, LifeHouse staff will coordinate with Field Service Representatives to arrange for transportation to our facility upon release.

Day of release:

Step 6

Notify your LifeHouse Group contact to confirm your estimated time of arrival and area of pick up.

Step 7

Confirm that you have arrived to your area of pick up and a LifeHouse Group staff member will dispatch transportation to transport you directly to our facility.

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