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 1. What is your residential capacity?

We currently house approximately 120 male residents and our capacity is 185.

  2. Do you have special programs for

      military veterans?

Wanting to honor and help those who have served our country, LifeHouse Group offers preferential placement to honorably discharged veterans.

  3. How should interested inmates and

      their families contact LifeHouse Group?

Please see the Application Form under the Contact Us menu option.

  4. At what point in the incarceration

      process should interested inmates and

      their families contact LifeHouse Group?

LifeHouse Group currently accepts men leaving the Illinois Department of Corrections and approaching their time on parole. The process of finding housing placement usually begins around 30-60 days prior to an offender’s release date.


  • 30 to 60 days before release, the inmate should inform the Field Service Representatives at his respective prison that he wishes to be approved to live at LifeHouse.We strongly recommend that inmates refuse alternate placement locations.Often, the first option offered by Field Service Representatives involves staying with friends or family, placements that typically do have the same long-term success as a placement at LifeHouse.


  • 14 to 30 days before release, local Field Service Representatives will refer placement preferences to the Parole Re-Entry Group.The Parole Re-Entry Group will contact LifeHouse Group regarding your placement and schedule a screening call.


  • 3 to 14 days prior to release, a representative from LifeHouse Group will conduct a screening call with a prospective resident and approve or decline the application.If approved, LifeHouse staff will coordinate with Field Service Representatives to arrange for transportation to our facility upon release.


  • On the day of your release, notify your LifeHouse Group contact to confirm your estimated time of arrival and pick-up area.When you arrive at the pick-up area, confirm your arrival, and LifeHouse Group will send transportation to bring you directly to our facility.

  5. How long is a typical stay at your


We ask our residents to commit to a minimum 60-day stay at our facility, and our residents typically spend an average of 90 days at with us before re-entering their communities

  6. Are there career opportunities at

      LifeHouse Group for current or past     


Please see our Career Opportunities section for any available positions.

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