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LifeHouse Group’s offers a wide array of educational services geared specifically towards transferrable job training skills. More information can be found on our Job Placement & Training services page. For general education credits, LifeHouse offers the following:


  • Literacy Chicago: Literacy Chicago provides online reading, writing and math skills classes for LifeHouse Group residents. They also provide Adult Basic Education and GED classes, and residents can request individualized tutoring.



  • Olive Harvey: As part of City Colleges of Chicago, Olive Harvey provides accredited degree programs in logistics and transportation to LifeHouse Group residents, and courses are transferable to other universities. LifeHouse Group residents are also able to attend classes and access a career network through the City Colleges of Chicago’s online job portal. Most of LifeHouse Group’s residents qualify for financing for these programs, including grants for transportation, through the WIOA.

  • 2ND Opportunity L3C: 2ND Opportunity L3C has developed a series of programs to assist individuals who have been incarcerated.  2nd Opportunity has designed and will manage many of the educational classes that will be offered to LifeHouse Group residents.

  • South Suburban College: South Suburban College offers LifeHouse Group residents certificated education and training in a number of specialties, including health care, manufacturing, trade skills, transportation and logistics. Classes and credits are transferable to other universities. South Suburban also offers GED coursework that starts with a skills assessment and continues through applicable 12-week classes, culminating in administration of the GED exam. LifeHouse Group residents qualify for WIOA funding for these education programs as well as grants for transportation needs.

  • The Vallas Group: Led by Paul Vallas, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, the Vallas Group is working with LifeHouse Group to establish accredited educational programs for its residents that will enable them to train for positions suited to today’s job market.

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