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Education, Job Training & Placement

LifeHouse Group is pleased to offer a robust selection of job training and educational specialties to its residents. In other transitional facilities, only one or two specializations are offered, whereas LifeHouse Group has partnered with experienced service providers who can offer the following specializations in a number of areas. Hover over the partners below for more detail on Lifehouse's in house job training programs.  

Culinary Arts


Hill Food Service Consulting, Inc. workforce training programs offer training in fields such as event planning and catering, food service and preparation, food sanitation, restaurant management, and food transportation. They also provide a range of training, from basic nutritional information to innovative technologies and industry standards within the hospitality and related service industry. Hill Food Service Consulting also provides job placement opportunities for its certificated students. LifeHouse Group has adopted basic portions of this training as mandatory, as residents will need to be able to prepare healthy meals independently upon departure from the facility.

Hill Food Services Consulting

Entrepreneurs Academy

Computer Science

Computer Information Science Job Training:
Led by Veteran Specialist Derek Tyson, ACCESS possesses extensive experience training people in certificated courses for careers in computer information science. In today’s labor environment, all potential job candidates in the workforce require some basic understanding of computer systems and information. To accommodate this need, LifeHouse Group’s curriculum requires all residents to complete a segment of this training. Further specialization is available in fields such as computer programming, web development, and information security management.

Academic Career Community Empowerment Social Services (ACCESS)


Chicago Community Learning Centers (CCLC) will provide certificated healthcare training designed and operated by industry expert Angie Spencer. Training offerings include EKG technicians, phlebotomy technicians, patient care technicians with computer fundamentals, certified medical assistants, nursing assistants, medical billing, and coding with medical terminology.

Chicago Community Learning Centers (CCLC)
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