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David Berkey Photo.jpg

David Berkey

Recovery Coach

In his role as a recovery coach, Berkey facilitates conversations and group sessions with LifeHouse Group clients to help them achieve their self-stated independent recovery goals. He serves as an example of sober living to individuals who are transitioning from incarceration, homelessness, or treatment programs. He also directs clients to available resources, including internal and external support groups and services. As a member of the LifeHouse Recovery Group team, Berkey monitors residents’ behavior, contributes to decisions regarding treatment plans, and reports unusual incidents. He facilitates two weekly relapse preventions groups and a peer group to help residents understand the actions they need to take for a successful recovery. Berkey recognizes that people who are catering to their addictions have lost agency over their lives. His work as a recovery coach is informed by his twenty years of experience as a peer mentor for online mental health groups.

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