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About LifeHouse Residential Recovery

LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services provides temporary housing and resources for recently paroled adult males and those suffering from substance abuse issues. LifeHouse Residential programs, run by LifeHouse Recovery Organization, address all aspects of the recovery and re-entry process, and we provide our residents with the stability and skills necessary to be successful in the next stage of their lives.


LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services began residential operations in Dixmoor, IL, in May 2020, under a contract from the Illinois Department of Corrections, and to date, LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services has served over 300 residential participants. In 2021, LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services became a licensed recovery home through the Illinois DHS Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery, and in November 2021, LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services began accepting individuals with substance abuse issues, criminal backgrounds, or both.


LifeHouse Residential’s facility is located at 14127 Leavitt Avenue in Dixmoor, Illinois, less than 20 miles south of the Chicago Loop. The 42,000 square foot building sits on three acres and can house up to 180 residents at one time. The building includes a commercial kitchen and dining areas, counseling offices, classrooms, a computer lab, a 3D printing lab, a sewing lab, an outside recreation area, an exercise room, common areas and residential units, a secure reception area, and state-of-the-art 24-hour security. Each resident enjoys safe, stable living quarters, including a bed and a place for his personal belongings, and access to nearly 60 hours of onsite programming services per week. Roughly half of these classes are targeted specifically at Recovery, including multiple Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Relapse Prevention, Peer Group, Support Group, and Winners Circle classes weekly. The other half of onsite classes are related to education, job preparation and readiness, and life skills classes.


Studies show that it typically takes three to six months for an individual to create and internalize new habits. Our LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services facility has provided housing and services to over 300 individuals to date, and we have identified certain timelines that are crucial in the recovery process. For example, participants who have stayed compliant with our program for at least two months enjoy outstanding success rates; only two individuals who remained program-compliant for 60 days, i.e., passed all drug and alcohol tests and attended a minimum of five classes per week, including a dedicated peer group, have recidivated since we began the program in 2020. In general, we ask our residents to commit to a minimum 60-day stay at our facility, and our residents spend an average of 150 days with us before transitioning into independent living situations.

Our programs, offered through LifeHouse Recovery Organization, are designed to significantly improve the odds of successful recovery for our residents. They currently include: 

  1. Housing and Life Skills

  2. Physical and Mental Healthcare

  3. Educational Assistance

  4. Job Training and Job Placement


You can learn more about our programs on the About LifeHouse Recovery Organization and Services and Partners pages of our website.

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