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About LifeHouse Group

LifeHouse Group offers a unique set of services and programs developed by evidence-based research that significantly improves the odds of successful recovery for adult males in recovery from substance use disorders. 


LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services, our residential facility, and LifeHouse Recovery Organization, an organization focused on recovery and re-entry supportive services, provide resources to those recovering from substance use disorders. We believe that supportive structure and housing, job skills training, education and certification opportunities, access to mental and physical healthcare, and assistance with housing and legal resources are critical needs for these at-risk and marginalized community members.


LifeHouse Group believes that there is a high overlap between individuals who suffer from substance abuse and those who have been incarcerated. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 65% of current correctional system inmates have an active substance use disorder and another 20% were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they committed their crimes; unfortunately, at present only 11% of those leaving the Illinois Department of Corrections receive addiction treatment while incarcerated.


Illinois’ high substance abuse and recidivism rates reflect the overwhelming barriers to recovery and re-entry faced by those living with addiction and recently paroled adults, including job and housing discrimination, insufficient access to mental and physical healthcare, limited educational opportunities, and a general lack of life management skills. For example, less than half of those leaving correctional institutions have ever had a bank account.


Our management team knows that the first few weeks in our programs are particularly important in the recovery process; making sure our participants get off to a positive start requires that we provide an environment conducive to recovery. Our Director of Facility Management works to provide a safe space for our residents and participants to re-integrate themselves into the community gradually, minimizing obstacles to their ongoing recovery. Our Programming department is responsible for designing and implementing our program offerings, providing relevant training, classes, and connections within the community.


If you are interested in residential services, you can learn more about LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services on the About LifeHouse Residential Recovery Services page of our website. If you are interested in our recovery and re-entry programs without the need for housing in Dixmoor, please follow this link to the About LifeHouse Recovery Organization page of our website. 

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